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My new office workspace :D

2013-07-06 11:00:40 by joshhunsaker

Here we go.

Running the following equipment:

Equator Audio D5 (speakers)
Lexicon Alpha (interface)
Behringer Minimon 800 (monitor controller)
Behringer DSP100 (preamp/processor)
Audio Technica AT871R (boundary mic... love this thing)

Built the desk myself ;) Woodworking is fun!

My new office workspace   :D


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2013-07-07 17:08:39

THREE monitors!?

joshhunsaker responds:

I wish I had six. Three really isn't enough.


2013-08-23 04:11:50

And now i'd like to see things in detail. :)

joshhunsaker responds:

I can do that :)


2013-08-23 18:17:40

Im really interested in seeing more, haha. I find it interesting to see what others use or how others work

joshhunsaker responds:

I'll try to take some video updates :)


2013-12-08 00:28:46

i have the same equator d5s

joshhunsaker responds:

They are the SHIT XD I love them


2013-12-08 22:12:14

Can't tell you how many people call me out saying my monitors are upside down though. It's starting to piss me off.

joshhunsaker responds:

haha, it's like "Bro, this is a coax design. Get over it"


2013-12-29 07:37:00

Neat. What do you use those papers on the table for?

joshhunsaker responds:

I think that has like manufacturing contracts and legal documentation. Maybe some stuff from a trade show.